Empower Survivors during Recovery with Group Therapy

Survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse experience a heightened state of emotional and psychological trauma—in addition to any physical trauma—as a result of their abuse. NEWS offers comprehensive services that encourage clients to heal both mentally and physically. Group counseling represents an important pathway to empower survivors with the skills and means to establish mental well-being. In order to help our survivors on their path to recovery and stability, we ask for your support. Your donation will enable NEWS to provide group therapy to clients in need of mental and psychological support for one year, through summer 2021.

Ensure a Comforting Stay by Survivors with Upgrades to the NEWS Safe House

The NEWS Safe House is a confidential house located in a residential neighborhood that provides emergency shelter to victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse and their children. The Safe House is the first step for many of our clients to regain their sense of normalcy in daily life and serves as a safe space to plan for a future free of violence. In order preserve the standard of comfort that our clients deserve when transitioning their lives, we ask for your support. Your donation will help NEWS undertake timely maintenance and upgrades to its shelter, such as painting the exterior of the house, updating the NEWS staff office—who are on-site 24/7—and, replacing the door and exterior security measures.

Support Families in Need who are Impacted by the COVID-19 Crisis

The effects of the shelter-in-place order in Napa County as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic have had a pronounced impact among survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse. Since mid-March, NEWS has experienced a 460% increase in housing assistance requests and a 300% increase in food assistance requests from survivors due to economic insecurity as a result of the crisis. As the pandemic evolves, NEWS expects to see requests spike as restrictions are relaxed and victims can safely escape their abusers. In order to meet this increased need among those most vulnerable during this crisis, we ask for your support. Your donation will enable NEWS to continue to provide resources and direct financial assistance to its clients to help prevent homelessness and to nourish families in need across Napa County.